Characterizing fish supply and aquaculture systems in Myanmar as a guide to measuring environmental footprints

Girija Page -

Measuring the environmental impact of aquaculture systems in Myanmar
As aquaculture assumes greater significance as a means to meet global food and nutrition demands, concerns about its environmental impacts are on the rise. Modeling key fish supply and aquaculture systems for biophysical resource use is a vital step for estimating environmental footprints and was the focus of a WorldFish study in Myanmar.

Hot off the press: New research in March 2019

Cecily Layzell -

Small-scale fisheries in Cambodia
Each month, we highlight a selection of our new publications. Research published in March included a number of firsts. Among them was the first study to estimate agonistic behavior and feed efficiency in individual Nile tilapia, an understanding of which will support the development of sustainable aquaculture.