Towards a gender-equal fisheries sector in Myanmar

Lemlem Aregu -

Fish drying, Ngapali beach, Gyeiktaw, Myanmar.
Fish drying, Ngapali beach, Gyeiktaw, Myanmar.

Despite the fact that Myanmar is one of the world’s top 10 fish-producing nations, women are often afforded less access to productive assets and training than their male counterparts. Increasingly, government and development agencies are taking action to close this gender gap as part of efforts to support and drive growth in the sector.

Improved fisheries in Timor-Leste: A path to greater well-being?

Alex Tilley -

Canoe fishers in Adarai, Viqueque, Timor-Leste. 2016.

New research by WorldFish finds that East Timorese people that depend on fishing for their primary livelihood have higher levels of well-being than other natural resource-based livelihoods, highlighting how the fisheries sector in Timor-Leste can be a crucial path out of poverty and help boost well-being.