How small fishers in Kerala’s Poonthura benefited from COVID-19 time auction system

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Lake fishing in Kerala. Photo credited to Juhan Samuel and the Marine Stewardship Council.

Marine fishing in India has largely come to a standstill in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak.

In Kerala, the government has banned operation of mechanised boats. But small-scale beach landing crafts are allowed to ensure fishers’ sustenance and food security … Read the rest

Covid-19: Hitting rural farming

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Fish feed loading on Ricksha van, Jatrapur Bazer, Bagerhat, Bangladesh. Photo by Habibul Haque.

What needs to be done for fish, poultry, and dairy farmers

The issue of food and nutrition security has come to the fore in Bangladesh as the agricultural production systems have been seriously disrupted by the on-going coronavirus crisis.

In … Read the rest

Fish and Aquatic Food Systems COVID-19 updates for May: India

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In Chachra area of Jessore town, the high concentration of hatcheries resulted the creation of fish fingerling market. Providing employment for thousands of people, this market became one of the largest fish fingerling markets of SE Asia. From here fish seed is carried to all over Bangladesh and also to India. Photo from WorldFish

The nationwide lockdown, characterized by a very strict confinement period, ended on May 17th. Prime Minister Modi qualified the next stage as a “lockdown 4.0”, stating it would be focused on battling the disease in combination with a … Read the rest