WorldFish joins united effort to boost climate-smart food systems in Malawi

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Establishment of IAA plots by Tiyese Farmer Field School (FFS) members. Photo by Joseph Nagoli/Meriam Phiri

In Malawi, land and aquatic food systems engage 80 percent of the population playing a key role in food security, employment and economic growth. However, the increasing impacts of climate change are threatening the productivity of small-scale producers. Increased temperatures … Read the rest

Dried small fish powder provides opportunity for child health in Myanmar

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A mother and child tasting the noodles with dried small fish powder mixture. Photo by Nge Nge Lwin & FedWell Foods.

As the COVID-19 pandemic underscores the need for nutritious diets, efforts to promote dried small fish powder is offering an opportunity for accessible and acceptable forms of micronutrients needed to boost the health of young Read the rest