Cairo’s chefs take to farmed tilapia

Mona El Azzazy -

Egyptian chefs, La Cuisine event. Photo by Mohamed Hassan, 2016.
Egyptian chefs cook up farmed tilapia at the La Cuisine event in Cairo. Photo by Mohamed Hassan, 2016.

With the successful expansion of tilapia aquaculture in Egypt, improved farming and fish handling practices, and the high price of alternative protein sources, chefs in Cairo are starting to take more notice of locally-farmed tilapia.

Video stories to help families overcome gender-based challenges in Zambia

Kate Bevitt -

Ester Nalishebo, Zambia. 2016, Johns Hopkins University.

WorldFish research informs a new tool, developed with Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, that aims to foster a more gender-equitable and socially-inclusive environment in the Barotse Floodplain, Zambia.