Breakthrough fish feed solution holds promise for smallholders

Dr Nigel Preston -

Woman showing prawns caught from her hatchery in Khulna, Bangladesh. Photo by M. Yousuf Tushar, 2014

A breakthrough aquafeed ingredient that greatly reduces the need for wild-harvest fishmeal has potential to boost the productivity of small-scale shrimp and fish farmers in developing countries.

Improved tilapia breeding program in Egypt: A year in review

Khaw Hooi Ling -

Nabil Ahmed Ibrahim, Scientist at WorldFish, uses a digital scanner to identify a fish, which is possible because a passive intregated transponder has been inserted under its skin.
WorldFish Scientist Nabil Ahmed Ibrahim uses a digital scanner to identify a fish that has been tagged with a passive integrated transponder. Kate Bevitt, 2016.

In 2016, WorldFish continued to selectively breed and develop the Abbassa improved strain of Nile tilapia, which ensures that Egyptian fish farmers can reap the benefits of faster-growing and hardier fish and have sustainable, thriving livelihoods.