A Tilapia based E-learning platform created to improve aquaculture TEVET trainings in Zambia

Tabitha Mulilo -

Yolanta Chibwe and other NRDC students undertaking tilapia online courses during a trial, at the renovated NRDC computer laboratory, in Lusaka. Photo by Tabitha Mulilo.

To help enhance the delivery of aquaculture technical vocational and entrepreneurship training (TEVET) in Zambia, WorldFish, in partnership with Blue Planet, a Norwegian not-for-profit company, and the Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) Zambia, has developed a Tilapia-based Aquaculture online training … Read the rest

‘Sweet spot of connection’: Social movements, researchers, ENGOs eye opportunities and challenges around small-scale fisheries

Kate Bevitt -

Over 40 stakeholders came together in late 2019, kick-starting new conversations on ways to ensure Read the rest