Nourishing the world: The contribution of fish to sustainable food futures

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A woman holds cooked reef fish for sale at her stall in Auki market, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands. Photo by Filip Milovac.

Globally, food production is exceeding sustainable limits while also failing to provide healthy diets for the world’s growing population, which will reach 9.8 billion people by 2050.

That was the finding of the recent EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet and Read the rest

Can Egypt’s fish markets empower women and men retailers equally? Prospects for change and barriers to success

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Women fish retailer cleaning fish at Sayda Nafissa market, Aswan city, Egypt. Photo by Sara Fouad.

Prospects for change and barriers to success

Unless gender inequalities in food systems are recognized and addressed, nutrition security and poverty reduction will suffer. Yet historically, women have been little recognized in national data, policy, or programming relating to fish … Read the rest