Gender-integrated business strategies empower women in Zambia

Catherine Mwema -

Fish farmers Agnes and Acinta pose with dried fish from their ponds in Luwingu, Zambia. Photo by Doina Huso.

In Zambia, rural women play a vital role in aquaculture and related value chains, but their contributions often go unrecognized. Fish farming is often perceived as “men’s work,” leaving women to participate more in informal activities like fish processing and … Read the rest

Pond polyculture: Disrupting gender and cultural norms in Luwingu, Northern Province, Zambia

Ben Wismen -

Lulu and Muleya training providing training to women by her pond in Luwingu, Northern Province, Zambia. Photo by Kendra Byrd.

“I was called the white devil,” laments Lucinda ‘Lulu’ Middleton as we talked about her experience of working in the rural area of Luwingu in the Northern Province of Zambia. “For weeks, Muleya had to lead the conversation and discussions … Read the rest

COVID-19 impact on aquatic food systems reveals insights for future resilience

Kate McMahon -

Masked retailers sell fish at a market in Chandpur, Bangladesh. Photo by Kingkar Shaha.

The onset of COVID-19 disrupted food value chains and reversed years of progress on key development indicators. The pandemic induced shocks to food systems globally, but particularly impacted value chains in food insecure regions: the number of people experiencing extreme … Read the rest