Covid-19: Hitting rural farming

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Fish feed loading on Ricksha van, Jatrapur Bazer, Bagerhat, Bangladesh. Photo by Habibul Haque.

What needs to be done for fish, poultry, and dairy farmers

The issue of food and nutrition security has come to the fore in Bangladesh as the agricultural production systems have been seriously disrupted by the on-going coronavirus crisis.

In this context, an expert discussion was held on the impact of corona affecting important sub-sectors of commercial agriculture, such as fisheries, poultry, and dairy production, and marketing, and what steps can be taken to address it.

This article summarizes the discussion and offers suggestions:

The production of fish, meat, eggs, and milk is already under threat as the supply chain and marketing system is severely disrupted. The timely initiative of the government to provide emergency assistance to the dairy-poultry-fisheries sector in the incentive package is highly commendable.

It is hoped that the incentives will be properly implemented under the supervision of the Department of Livestock Services and the Department of Fisheries under the leadership of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock in collaboration with the private sector actors.

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This exerpt first appeared in the dhakatribune website and it is republished here with the author’s permission.



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