Food systems dialogue promotes aquatic foods for transformative solutions

Aniss Khalid -

Aquatic food systems offer significant opportunities to boost the health, livelihoods and wellbeing of the poor and vulnerable. Photo by Fani Llauradó.

To transform food systems in support of safe, sustainable and nutritious diets for all, aquatic foods must be prioritized in the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit, said experts in a recent Food Systems Dialogue hosted by the Norwegian leadership of Read the rest

Boosting Malawi’s aquaculture production for food security

Meriam Phiri -

Fish farmers construct a pond in Malawi. Photo by Stevie Mann.

Although Malawi has an extensive history of fish farming spanning a century, the nation’s smallholder aquaculture sector has yet to realize its full potential. Building the sector’s capacity can offer a sustained fish supply to improve food and nutrition security … Read the rest

Historical dietary shifts offer lessons for future transitions in food systems

Kate McMahon -

A woman cooks fresh nutritious fish for lunch in Boeing Kampen, Cambodia. Photo by Fani Llauradó.

While the movement to transform food systems is gaining momentum, the avenues for doing so remain poorly explored. The past has the potential to inform future actions and outcomes –researching historical large-scale dietary shifts can illuminate the pathways that facilitate … Read the rest