Hot off the press: New research in February 2019

Kate Bevitt -

Inspecting the fishing nets, Africa.
Each month, we highlight a selection of our new publications. Research by WorldFish, FISH and partners published in February addresses some of the challenges facing fisheries and aquaculture that limit the benefits derived by value chain actors and restrict the sectors’ growth.

A fisher’s wise words: ‘If we protect the fish, we are protecting ourselves’

Tarah Doheny -

Pengly, a small-scale fisher from Khe village in northern Cambodia.
Cambodia's fisheries—some of the most diverse and expansive freshwater fisheries in the world—are under pressure from both population growth and rising demand for fish. As the need to protect these vital fisheries grows stronger, I meet one small-scale fisher who’s working to conserve fish stocks and combat illegal fishing in his rural village.